Audi Honour 20 Years of the TT with 2019 Special Edition

Audi TT 20 Years Special Edition 2019

The new TT sports a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, available in two forms of tune – 40 TFSI and 45 TFSI.

The latter, more powerful option produces an impressive 242bhp and 370Nm of torque, hitting 0-62mph in just 5.9 seconds. 

Both versions are fitted with a standard seven-speed automatic transmission, but the optional Quattro all-wheel drive is only available for the 45 TFSI.

Audi TT Special Edition Interior

Audi TT’s “20 Years” edition will exhibit a two-tone interior, similar to that of the Audi TTS Roadster Concept revealed in the late 1990s, with the majority of the inside trimmed in luxurious moccasin brown Nappa leather.

There’s a real up-market look about the TT’s latest facelift, giving it an added elegance. 

As an added quirk, each car will include a unique serial number sewn into the steering wheel and gear-stick. Unique “TT 20 Years” badges are also visible on the inside as well as out.

If you're lucky enough to get one, you'll be able to see which model out of the 999 you have!

Audi TT 20 Years Special Edition

Outside the TT

In terms of the new TT’s exterior, slight adjustments and upgrades have been made in order to improve its overall appearance.

Audi TT Special Edition front bumper

These tweaks include 19-inch alloy wheels, an upgraded front bumper, new exhaust tips and some Matrix OLED headlights and tail lights to top it off.

Audi TT special edition lights

How much is the '20 Years' Special Edition?

Audi have not yet revealed how much the new TT will cost, but some industry insiders are estimating that it will be priced at around £45-50k, which is pretty reasonable for a limited edition model of such quality!

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