Types of Leases

Business woman driving a new car

The Pros and Cons of Business Contract Hire (BCH)

If you are looking at investing in vehicles for your business, what does business contract hire (BCH) offer that other alternatives don’t? We take a look here.Read more »
Man in shirt and blazer driving a new van

Personal Contract Hire vs Business Contract Hire

Here, we highlight the benefits and differences between personal contract hire (PCH) and business contract hire (BCH) to help you decide what's best for you.Read more »
New white van being driven on main road

Short-Term Van Leasing

Looking to lease a van in the UK on a short-term basis? We can help you! Read here for further information on flexible and fixed leasing deals or call us today.Read more »
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What is Personal Contract Hire?

When you want to drive a brand-new car without breaking the bank, personal contract hire (PCH) means opportunity.Read more »
woman driving a new car

Short-Term Leasing: Fixed vs. Flexible. What’s Best for You?

Understanding your needs is important for us at Complete Leasing. You may only need a car for a short term and we are here to help find you the best options.Read more »
Car dealer and customer shaking hands over a car deal

Finance Lease Explained

One option available to businesses that are looking to get a new vehicle on finance is the Finance Lease (FL) agreement.Read more »
Nissan Navara pickup truck

Leasing a Pickup

Leasing a pickup with us can cost under £300 per month! Contact us to find out about our cheapest UK lease deals or read about pickup truck leasing here.Read more »
BMW I8 Plug in Electric Hybrid

Hybrid Cars: All You Need to Know

What exactly is a hybrid car and how do plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) work? We’ve explained everything you need to know in this guide.Read more »
Five black audi cars in a row

Fleet Car Leasing Explained

Complete Leasing caters for the personal, business or fleet car leasing customer. So what exactly is fleet leasing and what are the options for business owners?Read more »
Electric vehicle being charged at charging point

Electric Vehicle Leasing

Find out exactly what green leasing is, the advantages and disadvantages of leasing an electric vehicle in the UK and see our best EV lease deals here!Read more »
Bad Credit written on card

Short-Term Car Leasing for Bad Credit

If you have a low credit score, our short-term car leasing deals could be the best option for you. You can find short-term fixed and flexible car lease deals here!Read more »
A row of white vans

A Guide to Van Leasing

Whether you need a van for personal use or for your business, leasing may be a better option for you than buying. Everything is explained in our simple guide...Read more »
front of orange car

Short-Term Car Leases

We can help find you the best and cheapest short-term car lease deals in the UK. Read here for more information and to find out the pros and cons of short-term leasing.Read more »
business driver

Business Car Leasing Explained

Over 50% of all company cars are leased on business contract hire - business car and van leasing offers low, fixed payments, which improves a company’s cash flow.Read more »
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Personal Car Leases

Personal car leases are common as they can often offer lower initial payments based on the no depreciation risk.Read more »

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