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What is green leasing?

What is an electric car?

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What is green leasing?

As each year sees new improvements and developments in the world of electric vehicles (EVs) - from a range of miles to a range of models - it becomes even more possible to lease an electric car in the UK. This is known as green car leasing.

For those of us who are used to our traditional fossil fuel vehicles, moving to a completely new way of running a car can feel like a bit of a jump.

It’s hard to imagine driving an electric car which is powered in much the same way as a toy, having the oomph that’s needed to perform as a personal or business vehicle – but it can, and there are many rewards that come with electric vehicle leasing.

Green car leasing

At its simplest, green car leasing simply means ‘leasing an electric vehicle’, but dig a little deeper and it is about being at the forefront of automobile technology and doing what can be done to reverse some of the damage that has been done to our environment over the past century.

When you lease an electric car, you move out of the world of environmental negligence and into a brighter, cleaner future of green car leasing – reducing the carbon footprint.

What is an electric car?

Rather than using a traditional combustion engine, an electric vehicle is powered by a battery-fuelled motor.

While the design of the cars has been developed from the comfortable car form that we all know, under the bonnet the changes are considerable.

In past years, electric cars have suffered from a few problems, but advances in technology and a passion from the manufacturers to get it right means that every year that passes dispels many of those issues and closes the gap between the power of a traditional car and that of its electric cousin.

Range of miles

One of the first concerns many people have when looking at electric cars is the range of miles it can do from a single charge.

Most petrol cars will get four hundred miles or more from a single tank and refuelling is a matter of minutes in one of many petrol stations we are used to seeing across the country – but what about an electric car?

Many of the newer electric cars now boast a mileage range of 200 miles or more – making them more than adequate for most journeys in the UK. And that range is improving all the time!


Recharging your electric car can be done in three ways:

  • Standard low-power charge – this can be done from any mains outlet, and normally takes a number of hours (for example, overnight). It is perfect for daily commuting and daily use as before you go to bed you simply set you car to charge and it is ready to go in the morning.

  • Home fast charge – these are high-powered home-based chargers which will charge your vehicle in less than half the time. Zero to full in under four hours and often much less.

  • Public charging station – these are available in petrol stations, service stations and some supermarkets across the country and can take you car from 0% to 80% in thirty minutes – perfect for mid-journey stops while you get a coffee and take a break.

While public charging stations may not be a regular sight at a standard petrol station, they are becoming more frequent.

It’s often a surprise for someone who hasn’t looked for them previously to see how many there actually are when you start to take notice!

Supermarket charging stations can be particularly useful as they provide a charge while you do the shopping.

The cost of running electric cars

There’s no doubt that the costs of running an electric car are substantially lower than those of a traditional car.

A full overnight charge can cost around £2 with today’s rates of electricity, which works out at a staggering low 1p per mile! Compare this to even the best rated diesel engines for fuel economy which manage a realistic 12p per mile at their very best.

That makes running an electric car 12 times cheaper than even the most economical alternative!

Once you factor in the lack of road tax (electric vehicles are exempt) and other charges, such as the London Congestion Charge, leasing an electric vehicle becomes a significant way of saving you money.

You don’t receive any tax credit when leasing an electric vehicle - it usually goes to the manufacturer of the vehicle that’s being leased. They may take the tax credit into account when working out the overall cost of the lease agreement, which will lower your monthly premium and make green car leasing affordable – however, different rules may apply depending on the electric car manufacturer and leasing company in the UK.

Of course – your electric car still has tyres and standard wear and tear. Those wears and tears are, however, a lot less in number than a traditional combustion engine. Leasing a new electric vehicle is unlikely to have any significant mechanical issues during the term of the lease.

The pros and cons of leasing an electric vehicle (EV)

Pros of Leasing an Electric Car

  • Amazing fuel savings – as fuel is one of the major additional expenses for anyone leasing a car, this fact can be a significant reason to opt for an electric vehicle.

  • Eco-friendly vehicle – the low impact an electric car has on the environment is a big advantage. You can forget worrying about emissions or the environmental devastation which comes from fossil fuels.

  • Just as safe as any modern car – there’s no cutting back on car safety. An electric vehicle undergoes the same rigorous testing as any modern vehicle and generally exceeds all those standards. With no flammable fuel on board, there’s far less chance of a fire and the electrical systems are all configured to shut down in the case of an emergency.

  • Modern technological integration – electric cars are at the cutting-edge of technological advancements, so it’s no surprise that the cockpit also features the top line of modern car systems, with high-end sat nav, top Bluetooth phone-integrated entertainment systems and more.

  • Silent running – electric cars are so quiet they seem almost inaudible. Great for keeping the noise down in the vehicle while driving, but also an environmental boom for those in the neighbourhood.

  • Low maintenance costs – with a far more modern engine that does away with many of the complicated (and quick to wear) systems of a petrol or diesel engine, the electric car is considerably cheaper to maintain, making it cost-effective for you.


Cons of Leasing an Electric Car

  • Limited range – though it’s improving year-on-year, there’s no denying the fact that point-to-point, a traditional petrol car will fare better over very long distances.

  • Longer refuelling times – filling a car with petrol from empty, even taking into account a long queue and the need to buy a packet of crisps and a drink, takes less than five minutes. The best charging stations will take half an hour to bring your electric car from empty to 80%. While the fossil fuels win here, you really should be taking a driving break after 200 miles of non-stop driving, so if anything, the loss is a win in favour of driver safety.

  • Size – electric cars tend to be smaller, with not much available for those with larger families or other specialised needs. If an electric car is laden with heavy items, it can impact its overall range, too. We do, however, have some larger electric and hybrid vehicles available, which you can find below. 

Types of electric cars in the UK

Depending on the amount of electricity needed to run an electric vehicle, there are three main types – BEVs, HEVs, and PHEVs.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

Otherwise known as ‘plug-in EVs’, these types of vehicles get their power purely from electricity - no petrol or diesel whatsoever.

Their battery has to be charged at an EV charging point before driving and you’ll need plenty of power to last the duration of your journey.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)

With hybrid cars, both petrol and electricity is their source of energy. A HEV starts by using the electric power and then moves to petrol when the weight or the speed significantly increases.

Both the electric and the petrol engine are operated by a computer system built inside the vehicle – it automatically programs the correct power-usage according to the driving conditions.

To power a HEV, the car has a braking system, known as ‘regenerative braking’, which recharges the battery.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVS)

These types of hybrid EVs are also run on both petrol and electricity. The battery can be recharged two ways; by the ‘regenerative braking’ system and by plugging the car into an electric vehicle charging port. The petrol engine is also able to recharge the car when the battery becomes low.

All electric vehicles can vary significantly, as some cars may favour petrol to electricity in comparison to others – it all depends on the manufacturer and the model.

Some of the best electric cars include:

Some of the best electric hybrid and plug-in electric hybrid cars are:

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