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Warranty definition – what does a warranty cover?

When you get a new car, whether you purchase it from the dealership or get a brand-new leased vehicle, it will come with a manufacturer’s warranty for at least three years.

But what is a warranty, and what does it do?

A warranty is a manufacturer’s guarantee that for a set period, they will repair or replace your purchase (in this case, a car) if necessary.

Not everything is covered by a warranty, as it is designed to deal with problems that are the fault of the manufacturer, not those which come naturally through wear and tear or from poor care, but enough is covered to make the warranty a comprehensive level of repair cover. Of all the bonuses that come from having a brand-new car, the warranty is a compelling one.

What is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty?

Each car maker has its own specific terms for their warranty. While these are broadly similar, there can be some substantial differences which make it worth taking the time to properly read the paperwork. To help, we have compiled a list of all the main manufacturers and linked to their warranty pages:

While it is in force, a manufacturer’s warranty typically covers any repairs that are needed because there has been a fault. It doesn’t cover items such as tyres, windscreen wipers, lights, brakes or the clutch as all of these are consumable items that wear naturally over time – although if there is a fault with the vehicles that leads to these consumables being prematurely worn, such as a misalignment causing the tyre to rub, then they will be covered.

A warranty also covers your vehicle from rust damage, sometimes for an extended period.

Does a leased car have a warranty? How long is the warranty on a leased car?

As a leased car is a brand-new car, it will come with the standard warranty from the manufacturer. This impressive level of repair cover and subsequent peace of mind is one of the reasons why leasing a car is so superior to buying a used vehicle.

The warranty length will be the standard manufacturer’s length as provided by them to any new car – typically this is at least three years, which covers most lease terms. This means that throughout your time with the new vehicle, you always have the security of a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Who is responsible for repairs on a leased car? How does the car leasing warranty work?

In the unlikely situation that your new leased car develops a fault, you can take it to any of your car manufacturer’s dealerships across the country for repair under warranty. Contact your leasing company for any help as they may also be able to direct you to approved garages nearer you.

If your car is in for repair for an extended period, then you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle.

In any situation where you are unsure, you should simply contact your leasing company and ask for their advice - they will make sure that you are put on the correct path.

Remember, there are several issues with your car that are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty – especially regarding consumables, like tyres. In these cases, you will be expected to pay for the replacement parts and repair it yourself. However, you can get help easily if you have a maintenance package included in your lease deal at a small additional cost.

Enhancing your vehicle warranty cover with a maintenance agreement

For a minor additional monthly fee, you can take out a service and maintenance agreement with us at Complete Leasing. Depending on the exact terms of the agreement, it will cover you for all the consumable issues that are typically left out of the standard warranty included in the lease deal.

Typically, it also involves a regular service to keep your car in tip-top condition. Remember, new cars in the UK do not require an MOT for the first three years of their life, which means you are unlikely to need to go for an MOT on your lease car. If your lease is longer, you should check to see if your maintenance package covers you for MOTs from year four onwards.

With a maintenance contract, you are in the fortunate position of having someone available to look after your car in any event, giving you the freedom to enjoy the drive and all the benefits of a new car without any worry regarding the mechanical care of the vehicle.

Should I buy an extended warranty on a leased car?

If the length of your lease is longer than the warranty years or warranty mileage offered by the manufacturer, then you may want to look at extending the warranty to cover the entire lease term. One thing to be careful of is whether you are getting an extended warranty from the car manufacturer or if the extension is undertaken by a third-party.

A third-party warranty

There are some key differences between vehicle warranty cover provided by the manufacturer and a third-party warranty offered as an extension.

First, while a manufacturer warranty allows you to simply drive into the dealership and have your car looked at with no money changing hands, a third-party warranty is likely to need you to pay for any repairs up-front and have the costs reimbursed to you after the event. This can have a significant impact on your cash-flow and may make immediate repairs impossible in some cases.

Secondly, the third-party warranty is unlikely to be as comprehensive as the original, with most policies only covering the engine and the gearbox.

Make sure you understand the terms of your third-party warranty in full before taking out the extra cover.

Getting the best leased vehicles under warranty with Complete Leasing

At Complete Leasing, we know all the advantages of car leasing - from ensuring road tax is included in the car lease to doing a car warranty check to make sure you are really getting the best deal available. We can help you whether this would be your first leased car or if you are an experienced lessee with decades of experience. If you have any questions regarding your warranty and leasing a car, our friendly and experienced representatives are on hand to provide answers.

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