Can I Put a Logo on My Leased Van?

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A company van is a fantastic asset, not only because it enables you to deliver goods to customers or gives you access to a complete set of tools while on the road.

Correctly used with the right signage, a van is one of your best forms of advertising, putting your brand in the mind of thousands of people locally every day.

A one-off investment to emblazon your vehicle with an eye-catching logo can bring you tens, or hundreds, of new customers with no additional effort or costs.

However, there is the assumption that if you’re driving a leased van, which you don’t technically own, making a physical modification like a logo simply isn’t allowed. Luckily, we’re here to tell you that you can!

Can I modify my leased vehicle?

How much can I modify my leased van?

What effect do the modifications have on my insurance?

Is it just vans? Can you modify a car too?

Do I need to modify the van with a professional company?

The pros and cons of leasing a van

How can Complete Leasing help?

Can I modify my leased vehicle?

The simple answer is yes.

Leasing companies are not lacking understanding of the use their vehicles will be put to and are used to people wanting to sign write the van they have leased. Personalising your lease van is a common request for many people using business leasing.

There are, of course, a few rules. At the end of your contract you will be expected to return the vehicle in a perfect condition (taking into account a fair level of wear and tear) and driving back to the leasing company with a van that has a three-foot logo of your company on it is likely to result in substantial penalties!

So, in all cases when you put a logo on your leased van, you must expect to professionally clean off any vinyl before returning the van.

How much can I modify my leased van?

It is a courtesy that you should always contact your leasing company to discuss any van modifications you would like to apply, even if they seem small.

Signage modifications can come in a range of sizes, from a simple vinyl sticker of your logo to a full van wrapping, where the entire vehicle is covered in a bespoke design. In all cases, you will need to remove the livery when you finally return the vehicle, and this is something you should get done professionally – the adhesive used to attach the logo and other imagery is quite strong but can be removed without a trace if done correctly.

Other modifications, such as LED lights or other physical changes are somewhat outside the scope of this article and should definitely be discussed with your finance company before you undertake any.

What effect do the modifications have on my insurance?

If you wrap your van it will count as a modification for insurance purposes and you must call them and let them know you have done it. Most of the time, this will be little more than a courtesy call, but some insurance companies may want to adjust your premiums because of the changes.

There are some complicated calculations based on putting signage on your van that can have a lot to do with the type of company you have. For example, if your signage shows that you hold tools in the van overnight, your insurance may increase, yet generally vans with logos on them are stolen less often (as they are easy to track and less desirable to a casual thief) and so by adding signage to your van you may even lower your premiums.

Your insurance company will have their own policies regarding these changes and will adjust your costs accordingly. If you are worried, it is worth speaking to them in advance.

Is it just vans? Can you modify a car too?

While it is more usual for vinyl modifications to be done to a van, it isn’t something which is limited to van leasing and if you want to put your company logo on a car, the same rules apply. Just be sure to talk to your finance company before going ahead.

Do I need to go to a professional company? What modifications can I make to a leased vehicle myself?

It may seem that the process of sticking a vinyl sheet onto the side of a van is a simple thing, but there are many pitfalls that you will avoid by going to someone who has the experience needed to do a clean job.

From the simple problems of air bubbles in the work which won’t harm your contract hire agreement but may be embarrassing generally, to use the wrong adhesive that could permanently damage the exterior of your van and leave you with a hefty bill at the end of your contract – the DIY route is usually less cost-saving than it first appears.

Your leasing company may insist on your employing professional signage fitters, and you should follow their wishes in every way, so again it is worth speaking to them before you go down either route.

The same is true when removing the signage – choose a company who has a history of good results and save a potentially upsetting penalty by having the wrap removed perfectly.

A good wrap that is expertly removed can even improve your chance of returning a shining and undamaged van as the vinyl covering helps protect the van through your years of driving it, as well as giving you the look you were after.

What are the pros and cons of leasing a van?

At Complete Leasing, we obviously advocate leasing as a superior alternative to buying outright, but it is especially true when considering a company van.

Not having to worry about depreciation or sudden out-of-the-blue repair costs can help your business cashflow significantly, and if the type of modifications you want to make are reasonable and easily removed at the end of the lease, there’s no issue with customising the van to suit your business.

You will need to be able to prove a solid financial history for your company to get the credit confidence needed for a finance agreement, so leasing can be hard in the first year or so of a company’s life but once this hurdle is overcome, it is often strongly superior to trying to invest in an owned vehicle and comes with a number of solid tax benefits too.

How can Complete Leasing help?

At Complete Leasing, we work with a large number of preferred partners to bring you the best possible leasing deals from across the UK.

We can find you vans from across an impressive range, from smaller vehicles suitable for a sole trader who needs to carry tools and parts to customers, to large long-wheelbase vans for the larger business.

If you want to know any more about applying signage to your vans and getting your company exposure simply by driving around, then give us a call. Our experts will be able to find you a vehicle that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

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