11 Reasons to Get a New Van

New white van being driven on the motorway

Have you ever considered van leasing? It’s a perfect way to get yourself a brand-new van, stopping all those costly repairs and getting the pleasure of driving in something that does your company and you justice.

Here are eleven reasons to lease yourself a new van:

1 – It looks great to other people

And those other people are your customers or potential customers.

Show up to a job in a battered van that’s churning out fumes and has three-quarters of the old livery peeled off and you are not impressing anyone.

Worse – you could still have a fax number painted on the side of your van!

2 – It makes you feel good

Pretend all you might, but driving around in something new, that you know works and purrs rather than chugs, makes you feel better about your day.

Gleaming dashboard, actual black footwells (rather than a shade of mud and covered in bits of stones or whatever else), and a gear knob that still has the numbers on it!

These things all add up to making your day (or the day of your driver, if that’s not you) a little brighter, and happier, brighter people work better.

That’s right – a new van actually improves productivity.

3 – You get better fuel economy

Of course, there’s the not-so-emotional but straight fact that a newer vehicle has improved fuel economy compared to a model that's a decade old.

The cost of fuel has become staggering, and anything you can do to get more miles out of a tank is worthwhile. New van equals better running costs.

4 – There’s improved safety

Your safety and the safety of your employees should be paramount.

With updated electronics, features such as electronic stability control and electronic brake-force distribution that exist on many modern vans, you can experience a smoother, safer ride.

Improvements in body design add that extra level of safety for both you and anyone else involved in a collision, and just the simple fact that the brakes, tyres, and all other areas of the van that are subject to wear and tear come at their optimum levels, show how a new van brings a new level of protection.

5 – You get access to better cargo space

Manufacturers work year on year to improve the carrying space in their vans, from subtle changes to body design, to the addition of more (or better arranged) fixed points to secure contents.

Even the same model might have gone through three or more major technical upgrades in the time since your last upgrade.

6 – You can relax with years of peace of mind

Vehicles cost money to run, but those first few years are the sweetest time – where the manufacturer’s warranty covers all.

New vehicles spend less time in the garage, whether it's for regular maintenance or for expensive fixes to worn-out components.

Getting a new van means at least three years of trouble-free ownership – you don’t even need to get an MOT!

7 – You benefit from better accounting through leasing a van

There are all sorts of accounting benefits to leasing a new vehicle, from tax-offsetting to taking a depreciating asset off your balance sheet.

Not the least, of course, is cashflow. By not having to find substantial capital to purchase a new van, leasing offers you an answer to the need for a new van with low-overhead monthly payments.

8 – You can update your signage

It’s incredible the impact of having your business advertised on the side of your van.

Its advertising that is only paid for once works for you every day of the year. The average van is seen by 2,000 people a day – that’s a lot of exposure for such a small investment.

When determining your signage, don’t forget to make sure your contact details are up-to-date and clear to read – especially website addresses which are easier to remember when driving past than phone numbers or email addresses.

9 – You can benefit from the unity of a fleet

If you have a need for more than one van, upgrading all your existing vehicles to a smart new uniform fleet can set you up on a new level of professionalism – not only with an easily seen projection of business success, but also by providing a cost-effective solution across the board.

For more information on leasing a fleet of vans, and all the financial advantages of doing so, read our in-depth article on the subject - Fleet Car Leasing Explained.

10 – You move towards being environmentally friendly

Let’s be honest, a diesel van is never going to be as environmentally friendly as a brand-new Tesla, but until manufacturers break that barrier between electric vehicles and a heavily laden van, a modern van is going to be the best possible solution.

Despite still having emissions, the modern reliable van has a considerably greener set of statistics than one that’s even a few years old. Driving down CO2 emissions is a priority worldwide and is something we should all be involved in – especially those of us clocking up the miles.

By using a greener modern van, you help keep our world safe for generations to come.

11 – Because leasing is better than buying for business

Is this true? In most cases, yes. Of course, there are a few outlying reasons why buying makes more sense for some, but for most – especially small businesses, leasing a van for business purposes is a clever financial decision.

Like personal car leasing, when you lease a van you don’t actually own the vehicle but you get all the reliability of a brand-new vehicle without any worry of depreciation and maintenance for a reasonable monthly fee.

There are advantageous differences to business car leasing as well, with some clever financial options that let you show the value of the van as a business asset in your books (increasing your worth) even though you haven’t had to make the larger financial outlay of buying it outright.

How does van leasing work?

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